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Leader of the Research Center is Lisa Gjedde

reCreate is a virtual inter-disciplinary centre that focuses on developing and exploring frameworks for learning through the integration of mind, body and technology in a 21st. century context.

As part of the ILD -lab - the reCreate centre is currently focusing on developing areas of research into creative, immersive learning in relation to concepts of 21st. Century learning. Through network activities, reCreate initiates research activities and enters into collaboration with national and international partners in relation to the vision and mission of the centre. reCreate is based at Aalborg University – Copenhagen in Sydhavnen at the Department of Learning and Philosophy. The research in the centre contributes to the development of existing educations as well as new educational initiatives at  Aalborg University. The centre includes researchers from the educational sciences, medialogy, communication, computer science, neuroscience, applied philosophy and music therapy.


The centre aims to be a change agent in relation to innovation in education, developing concepts that are integrative of mind and body, and provide platforms for creative mindful interaction between self, others and the environment.

The centre will develop meaningful frameworks for educating learners and provide learners with tools to engage mindfully and compassionately through an awareness of multiple perspectives and development of empathy and imagination.

Immersion is the interaction between the learner and the environment engaging all senses in an integrative mind/body experience.

The centre will scientifically explore and develop designs for immersive and mindful education and provide a basis for the evaluation of immersive, creative and mindful learning. 


The concept of mindful awareness and creative learning draws on values of self-expression, empowerment, freedom and development of the human potential. It is, therefore, a natural mission for the centre to develop designs and concepts for immersive, mindful and creative learning and to explore and provide scientific validation that enables the integration of these concepts into formal as well as informal education, and into the culture and values of society.


  • To develop concepts for meaningful learning experiences and explore the mind-sets, environments, artefacts and technologies that enhances immersion, creative learning and mindful awareness.
  • To investigate playful, creative and embodied learning in hybrid and physical learning environments. 

Examples of current projects in the centre              

  • Learning Shift - the Future of Learning
  • Alt-er: Animation as a Learning Tool in Early Education
  • Inclusive learning in hybrid environments.


Research Areas: Interdisciplinary

  • Narrative and creative learning environments
  • The interplay of creative and embodied learning processes
  • Learning potentials of immersive learning in physical and hybrid environments
  • The role of ICT enhanced artefacts in sustaining immersive learning environments
  • Inclusive mindful educational designs
  • The design of spaces supporting and enhancing mindful and creative learning processes
  • Creative, aesthetic and artful learning.

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