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Section of Chemistry was formed in 2001 and have been responsible for the development and execution of the chemistry educations at Aalborg University in Aalborg. This includes the chemical engineering and chemistry educations. Furthermore, the section have taken part in the educations in biotechnology and environmental engineering at AAU. 

In Section of Chemistry we strive at conducting basic research as well as participate in solution of problems from industry and society en large.Through international cooperation and a broad interface with industry, we aim at forming a work and study environment colored by a close interplay between research, development and teaching.

The section is organized in three research groups with focus is on:

  • Inorganic amorphous materials
  • Separation science
  • Supramolecular and polymer chemistry

We mainly conduct research where the basic disci-plines organic, inorganic and physical chemistry are put to use to solve industrially relevant problems.


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