Techno-Anthropology and Participation

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The research group of Participation and Technology (TAPAR) has a cross (inter)disciplinary focus and is situated in the intersection between science, technology and society. The research of TAPAR is focused on participation, typically in user involvement and employee participation.

Analyses of the role of participation

Participation is meant as practicing a bridge function between areas being separated because of the division of work force within the areas of technology and society. Analyses of the role of participation are made – of the role in fact and theoretically in relation to organizational, regulatory and technical conditions and processes of change. The analyses are often carried out in close cooperation with relevant actors, based on interest in human well-being as well as technical and organizational functionality and within a horizon of understanding, theoretically, inspired by for instance the socio-technical school.

New methods of empowerment

Development and application of methods involving local knowledge plays a central role, whether it is (social) working life and work environment changes or design and implementation of new (information) technology. As well do analysis and development of methods of empowerment of potential users of technology. Dialogue with practitioners has high priority, considering action research or application-focused research.

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