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Niels Agerholm

Field of work
The grups’s field of work is based on the activities of the Traffic Research Group (TRG) in the research and teaching areas:

The majority of the scientific work in TRG is conducted within traffic safety and intelligent transportation systems (ITS). In recent years freight transport has also been a growing focus area.

Some of the target areas in traffic safety are:

  • New approaches for designating dangerous parts of the road network
  • Studies of effects from various passive initiatives on traffic safety
  • Use of ITS to improve higher traffic safety.

Selected target areas in ITS are:

  • Use of date from moving vehicles called Floating Car Date for analysis for traffic management and -services
  • Bluetooth for detecting traffic flow
  • Environmentally friendly driving

Division of Transportation Engineering provides research based teaching for a number of study programmes at Aalborg University with traffic and roads as the primary or the secondary aim of the individual programme.

Division of Transportation Engineering also holds the conference ‘Trafikdage’ at Aalborg every year in August. The conference has been held since 1994 and is Denmark’s largest scientific traffic conference. Approximately 300 participants from all of Scandinavia participate each year.


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