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The Urban Design-Mobilities group explores what the increasing mobility of people, information, and goods means to societies. The research work from within the 'Mobilities Turn’ and the underlying hypothesis that mobilities is ‘more than A to B’ movement. In accordance with the ethos of the ‘Mobilities Turn’ the research is cross-disciplinary and is represented with the following disciplines: Architecture, Urban Design, Sociology, Urban Planning, and Human Geography. The research explores how commuting, everyday life transport, digital media, new production and consumption patterns have effects beyond mere displacement of people, information and goods. The general research challenge is to explore and understand what mobilities mean to societies. In particular, the research focuses on the relationship between infrastructure, technologies, cities, built environments and social and cultural processes. Research is conducted into everyday life mobilities within subway systems, car infrastructures, aereomobilitiy, cycles, lights rails etc. The research is multimodal and (often) situational, and reaches from non-motorized mobilities over complex infrastructure to the new digital media and ‘smart city’ developments. The research is undertaken with a plethora of methods such as surveys, interviews, ethnographic observation, mobile mapping, GPS tracking, eye-tracking, and thermic camera tracking.  

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