Jannick Kirk Sørensen

Teaching portfolio

1. Teaching CV

At the MSc. "Innovative Communication Technologies and Entrepreneurship" (ICTE) I teach two 5 ECTS courses and a 'sub-module'. I teach 'Interaction Design' (5 ECTS), with a particular focus on the analytical aspects of HCI, interaction design, user experience and service design. I teach 'Content and Media Management' (5 ECTS) with focus on media technologies for indexing and algorithmic recommendation of media content. Finally I teach the obligatory sub-module for ICTE students in scientific methods and Problem Based Learning.

Besides these teaching obligations I teach scientific methods and PBL at the continuing education "Master in ICT" (MICT), as well as being guest teacher in the Interaction Design course.

Autumn 2015 I am the supervisor for six semester projects at ITCOM 3rd semester.

Spring 2016: I teach "Interaction Design"

2. Study administration

Autumn 2015: I coordinate 3rd semester of the BSc. "IT, communication and new media" (ITCOM) (approx. 40 students). I am the editor of the online marketing of ITCOM and ICTE (itcom.aau.dk, icte.aau.dk) as well as for cmi.aau.dk. I have been in charge of 'Studiepraktik 2015'. I have participated in the accreditation process for ICTE.

3. University pedagogy qualifications

I have completed "Adjunkt pædagogikum" from AAU February 2012.
I am the AAU representative and project leader on the ERASMUS+ strategic partnership project "OnCreate" on online tools for creative collaboration among students (2014-2017).

4. Other qualifications

I have, together with my colleague Morten Falch guested Kazimieras Simonavicius University in Vilnius in the framework of ERASMUS+ mobility for a three day seminar on implementing PBL at Kazimieras Simonavicius University

5. Teaching activity development and teaching materials

In the framework of the "OnCreate" project I develop and conduct experiments on online creative collaboration.
In the framework of the MSc. ICTE I have developed a novel method of teaching PBL to ICT engineering students, uniting elements of project development, problem formulation and engineering specific challenges.
In the framework of ITCOM and ICTE I have developed and tested a special peer-reviewing format and procedure for the semester project meetings held twice every semester.

6. Teaching awards you may have received or been nominated for

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7. Personal reflections and initiatives

Personlige overvejelser knyttet til undervisning og vejledning, ønsker til og planer for pædagogisk videreudvikling, planer for opfølgning på undervisningsevalueringer m.v.

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8. Any other information or comments

I have been teaching and supervising students at university level since 2003 at Malmoe University, University of Southern Denmark, DTU, Universität Potsdam and Aalborg University within e.g. the fields: Radio feature production, video production, multimedia design, programming (Macromedia Flash), interaction design, creative collaboration, documentary film making, media politics (Public service media), media technologies, problem based learning, algorithmic recommendation, user experience.