Morten Søndergaard

Morten Søndergaard

Associate Professor, Lektor

A.C. Meyers Vænge 15

Building: A, hum 3 sal

2450 København SV


Phone: +45 9940 2552Mobile: +45 2114 2413

Research profile

I am a hybrid humanistic researcher and media art curator. My academic work is 'moist', in-between humanistic theory-driven reflection and practice-based 'wet' experimental research (curator/design/art-driven).

I have three overall areas of interest: 1) the language-games of art & technology, 2) (The histories, experience and production of) media art and 3) (The histories, experience and production of) post-digital archives (and the technological/conceptual infrastructures framing them).

I am developing theoretical modalities (and new academic formats such as the 'exhibition-as-lab' (Biotopia) and the 'audio paper') as part of my work in all three areas, which grows out of my professional background (and practice) as art/literary historian and curator; but it is as much a critique of art history, and ‘classical’ humanistic reception-theory and hermeneutic phenomenology, from the perspective of technology and the ontologies that emerges in combination with art. Thus, I am engaged in an ungoing investigation of and experimentation with the games we play when we put art and technology together in the same sentence (and thereby same space of expectations and logic), and when we talk about ‘the black box’. This was the topic of my master thesis in 1995, focusing on Michel Serres’ method, in my PhD on (the forgotten archive of) Show-Bix and the 'Unheard Avant-gardes' in general (primarily Media Art and Sound Art in Scandinavia that has never been archived).

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Teaching profile

Teaching and supervision

Master-level: Media Arts Cultures (and Musicology)

I am the international coordinator and co-founder of Erasmus Joint Master in Media Arts Cultures - a program run in collaboration with Blue Danube University in Krems (Austria), Lodz University in Poland and School of Creative Media at CityU in Hong Kong (China). I am member of the Consortium Board.

I supervise, teach and develop the module Experience Design in Media Arts Cultures, and the courses 'Media Art in (Design) Contexts' and 'State of the (Media) Art'. 

I am coordinator of the thesis-semester of Media Arts Cultures, as well as thesis-supervisor.

I am teaching Sound Curatiing at the Musicology MA.

Bachelor-level: Art and Technology (ArT) BA

I am member of the Study Board for Art & Technology (since 2009)

I teach the Art in Context course on ArT BA

Historically, I have been coordinating 5 semester, supervised semester projects, and been teaching courses on International Collaboration, Interactive Dramaturgy, The History of Art & Technology.


I am supervising one Joint PhD student with Sorbonne University, Paris.

I am co-supervising one PhD students at Aarhus University (Maya Bak Herrie)


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Most frequent journals

  • Seismograf/DMT

    ISSNs: 2245-4705, 0106-5629, 2245-4705, 0106-5629

    Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1901-3523

    Foreningen Dansk Musik Tidsskrift, Denmark


  • Leonardo Electronic Almanac

    ISSNs: 1071-4391

    Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1071-4391

    MIT Press, United States


  • MedieKultur

    ISSNs: 0900-9671, 1901-9726, 0107-3753, 1901-9726

    Statsbiblioteket, Denmark


  • Nordlit

    ISSNs: 0809-1668

    Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1503-2086

    Universitetet i Tromsoe Det Humanistiske Fakultet, Norway

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