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Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology
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DK- 2450 København SV.

Phone: 9940 2496

Journal Articles

González Sánchez, V. E., Dahl, S., Hatfield, J., & Godøy, R. I. (2019). Characterizing movement fluency in musical performance: Toward a generic measure for technology enhanced learning. Frontiers in Psychology, 10.
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Dahl, S. (2000). The playing of an accent - Preliminary observations from temporal and kinematic analysis of percussionists. Journal of New Music Research, 29(3), 225-234.

Book chapters

Movements, timing and precision of drummers

Dahl, S., 2018, Handbook of Human Motion. Müller, B., Wolf, S., Brueggemann, G-P., Deng, Z., McIntosh, A., Miller, F. & Selbie, W. S. (eds.). Springer

The challenge of a lifetime.

Dahl, S., 2018, Celebrity for the Curious : Why Study Celebrity, Music, and Film Studies? : (A Guide to University Major for Students, Their Career Advisors and Teachers). Vaidya, K. (ed.). The Curious Academic Publishing

Gestures in performance

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Movements and analysis of drumming.

Dahl, S., 2006, Music, Motor Control and the Brain.. Altenmüller, E., Wiesendanger, M. & Kesselring, J. (eds.). New York: Oxford University Press, p. 125 -138

Conference publications and proceedings

Incorporating virtual reality in an embodied interaction course

Erkut, C. & Dahl, S., 28 Jun 2018, Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Movement and Computing, MOCO 2018. Association for Computing Machinery, a45

An Expressive Multidimensional Physical Modelling Percussion Instrument

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NordicSMC: A Nordic University Hub on Sound and Music Computing

Serafin, S., Dahl, S., Bresin, R., Jensenius, A. R., Unnþórsson, R. & Välimäki, V., 2018, Proceedings of the 15th Sound and Music Computing Conference 2018. Sound and Music Computing Network, p. 130-134

Rhythmic recurrency in dance to music with ambiguous meter

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Timbre Discrimination for Brief Instrument Sounds

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Embodied Interaction through Movement in a Course Work

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Does Singing a Low-Pitch Tone Make You Look Angrier?

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Exploring Sound-Motion Textures in drum set performance

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Extraction, Mapping, and Evaluation of Expressive Acoustic Features for Adaptive Digital Audio Effects

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Exploring felt qualities of embodied interaction with movement and sound

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Sketches in Embodied Interaction: Balancing Movement and Technological Perspectives

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Sound and music computing at Aalborg University in Copenhagen

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Good playing practice when drumming: Influence of tempo on timing and preparatory movements for healthy and dystonic players

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Timing and motor control in drumming: Comparing players with and without focal dystonia.

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Disturbed moving patterns when drumming - influence of extreme tempi on percussionists with and without focal dystonia

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Influences of movement and grip on perceptual and measured tone quality in drumming

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Motor control in drumming: Influence of movement pattern on contact force and sound characteristics"

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High pitch - friendly face.

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The influence of Body Morphology on Preferred Dance Tempos.

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Production and perception of gestures in music performance.

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Motor behaviour in drumming with different striking tools: Effects of tempo on control of rebound.

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RITMO International Motion Capture Workshop

Sofia Dahl (Participant)
12 Nov 201814 Nov 2018

4th International conference on movement and computing

Sofia Dahl (Participant)
28 Jun 201730 Jun 2017

Workshop: Training, Sharing, and Enacting: Somaesthetics of Rhythmic Interaction

Cumhur Erkut (Lecturer), Sofia Dahl (Lecturer)
28 Jun 2017

First International Workshop on Motor Learning for Music Performance

Sofia Dahl (Participant), minho song (Participant), Rolf Inge Godøy (Participant)
15 May 2017

Research Topic Functions of musical rhythm (Journal)

Sofia Dahl (Editor)
31 Oct 201330 Jun 2014

International symposium on performance science

Sofia Dahl (Organizer)
28 Aug 201331 Aug 2013

SMAC Stockholm Music Acoustics Conference 2013 SMC Sound and Music Computing Conference 2013

Sofia Dahl (Organizer)
30 Jul 20133 Aug 2013

Expression and control in music performance: The role of musicians' movements

Sofia Dahl (Speaker)
4 Jun 2013

9th Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC 2012)

Sofia Dahl (Organizer)
11 Jul 201214 Jul 2012

Sound and Music Computing, Understanding and Practicing in Sweden

Sofia Dahl (Organizer)
3 Apr 20124 Apr 2012

13th International Rhythm Perception and Production Workshop

Sofia Dahl (Organizer)
13 Jul 201115 Jul 2011

ASME 2011 World Conference on Innovative Virtual Reality (WINVR2011)

Sofia Dahl (Organizer)
27 Jun 201129 Jun 2011

Journal of New Music Research (Journal)

Sofia Dahl (Reviewer)
1 Jan 2011 → …

Haptic Audio Interaction Design

Sofia Dahl (Organizer)
16 Sep 201017 Sep 2010

The striking movement:: How do percussionists control timing and dynamic level when drumming?

Sofia Dahl (Lecturer)
11 Feb 2010

The striking movement.: How do percussionists control timing and dynamic level when drumming?

Sofia Dahl (Lecturer)
11 Feb 2010

Movement and timing control in drummers.

Sofia Dahl (Lecturer)
20 Nov 2009