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Thomas Alrik Sørensen

Associate Professor

  • The Faculty of Humanities
  • Department of Communication and Psychology
  • Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience
Postal address:
Kroghstræde 3
Aalborg Ø


Phone: +45 9940 7255

Mobile: +8 6132 4044 8062


2015Head of Neuropsychology Programme
2014International Coordinator of Psychology
2013Coordinator of 7th and 8th semester courses on the neuropsychology program
2013Head of Laboratory of Experimental Psychology


Psychology, Aalborg University, Aalborg
• Neuroscience
• Neuropsychology
• Biological psychology
• Experimental methods
• Quantitative methods

Product and Design Psychology, Aalborg University, Aalborg
• Introduction to Experimental Psychology

Aalborg University, Copenhagen
• Cognitive Psychology

Neuroscience & Neuroimaging, Sino-Danish Center, Beijing
• Neuropsychology
• Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience

Psychology, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen
• Cognitive Psychology

Basic disciplines of psychology, The university extension, Odense and Kolding
• Cognitive Psychology


2012Ph.d. in Psychology, University of Copenhagen
2008M.Sc. in Psychology, University of Copenhagen
20084+4 student in Psychology, University of Copenhagen
2005BA in Psychology, University of Copenhagen
2004Research visit, University of Turku, Finland
2003Information Psychology, University of Copenhagen


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