Teaching portfolio

1. Teaching CV

Optimization Methods, School of Information and Communication Technology, 7th semester.
– Formed curriculum, planning and executing 4 lectures including exercises and one exercise-day, preparing project relevant mini-project each year, examinator for exam. 2012-2015

Scientific Computing and Sensor Modeling, School of Information and Communication Technology, 8th semester.
– Planning and executing 5 lectures including exercises on programming and scientific computing and a one-day workshop on sensor modeling. 2013–2015
– Development of an accompanying textbook with Prof. T. Larsen and T. Arildsen, “Behavioral Simulation and Computing for Signal Processing Systems”, ≈ 450 pages.

Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of Technological Systems I, School of Engineering and Science, 1th semester.
– Planning the entire course, teaches 4 lectures including exercises, preparing mini-project, examinator. 2013–2015

Scientific Computing using Python, The Doctoral School of Engineering and Science, PhD level.
– Planning of the 2+2.5 ECTS course, preparing and executing 50% of the 2.5 ECTS course, preparing and handling mini-projects. 2014–

Advanced Speech Processing, PhD level
- Executing one day of a 5 day course. Focus on convex optimization and its use in speech processing.

Algorithms for Large Scale Convex Optimization, PhD course.
– Teaching assistant for Prof. Lieven Vandenberghe. Assisted in exercise sessions as well as preparing exercises and the final project. 2010

Supervision experience:
- Signal Processing and Computing, 7th+8th+9-10th semester, 10 groups.
- Signal Processing, 6th semester, 2 groups.
- Mathematical Engineering, 1th+2th semester, 3 groups.
- Co-supervised 1 PhD student. 2012–2014

Internal examiner:
- Machine Learning 2012-2017
- Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of Technological Systems I, 2017

2. Study administration

Promotion of the "Signal and Information Processing" education.

3. University pedagogy qualifications

Completed the University Teacher Education for Assistant Professors, 2015.

4. Other qualifications


5. Teaching activity development and teaching materials

Writing on a textbook with Torben Larsen and Thomas Arildsen.

6. Teaching awards you may have received or been nominated for


7. Personal reflections and initiatives

Experimenting with peer assessment on a first semester course.

8. Any other information or comments