Teaching portfolio

1. Teaching CV: A list of any lecturing and supervision tasks, including specification of academic fields, scope, level (bachelor, master, continuing education, PhD) as well as any external examiner tasks.

Since 1988 > Supervisor for projects in electronics and IT. Since 2012 > Course: Scientific Computing and Sensor Modeling, SPC8, participates in 5 ECTS course. 2014-2018 > Member of the Danish censor network for Århus University and DTU.  

2. Study administration: A list of any study administration tasks, e.g. study board membership, head of studies or semester or course coordinator, accreditation, etc.

Since 2010 > PhD Study Director at the Faculty of Engineering and Science. 2012 > Participated in the development and design of the education "Mathematics Technology", which started in 2013.

3. University pedagogy qualifications: A list of any completed courses in university pedagogy, PBL courses, workshops, academic development projects, collegial guidance and supervision, etc.

Since 1988 > Supervision of postdocs, Assistant Professors, and Associate Professors. 1992 > Participated in teaching course for Assistant Professors. Since 1995 > Supervisor for Assistant Professors following the mandatory teaching course for Assistant Professors. 2013 > Supervisor workshop (one day) PhD supervision given by Danish Universities. 2013 > Invited by Minister Morten Østergaard to discuss how to improve the quality of university educations.

4. Other qualifications: Conference attendance, editorials, presentations, etc. relating to education, 'University Teaching Day', etc.

Since 2012 > Has participated in development of the "Mathematics Technology" (MATTEK) education program at BSC and MSC levels. He also participates in the continuous adjustment and optimisation of the quality of the education. 2006-2013 > Developed, wrote application and attracted funding from the ministry of education to start an elite education in "Wireless Communication", which was very successful due to highly motivated students and teachers.

5. Teaching activity development and teaching materials: A list of any contributions to the development of new modules, teaching materials, study programmes, e-learning, collaboration with external business partners, etc.

2013 > Has developed all course material (approx. 450 pages) together with two younger colleagues for the course "Scientific Computing and Sensor Modeling" (SCSM). This includes literature, slides, exercises, Python computer code, examples, illustrations, solutions etc.

6. Teaching awards you may have received or been nominated for.

2012 > Teacher of the year at the E Study Board. 2012 > Teacher of the year at the Faculty of Engineering and Science. 2013 > Teacher of the year at Aalborg University and recipient of the Obel Foundation Teaching Prize.

7. Personal reflections and initiatives: Here you may state any personal deliberations as regards teaching and supervision, any wishes and plans for further pedagogic development, plans for following up on feedback/evaluations from students, etc.

2016 > Has initiated the work to develop a framework for a new elite-education programme.

8. Any other information or comments.

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