Teaching portfolio

1. Teaching CV: A list of any lecturing and supervision tasks, including specification of academic fields, scope, level (bachelor, master, continuing education, PhD) as well as any external examiner tasks.

Have been the supervisor for more than 100 students projects. Mostly at graduate level. Have supervised 9 PhD projects and 6 on-going.

Teaching experince:

Robotics: Graduate course at DTU

Videregående Styreteknik: Graduate course at DTU

Hydraulisk Styring: Graduate course at DTU

Almen Regulering: Course at Sønderborg Teknikum (Now SDU)

Samhørende og partielle differentialligninger: Undergraduate course for Mechanical engineering students.

Mechatronics I: Fifth semester undergraduate course for MCE (Mechatronics) students.

Hydraulic Systemdesign: Undergraduate course for DMS and EMSD students

Hydraulic Servosystems: Graudate coruse for EMSD, MCE students

Linear electric circuits: Third semester students (Mechanical engineering)

Nonlinear control theory: Graduate course for EMSD, MCE students

System Identification: Graduate course for EMSD, MCE students

Multivariable and nonlinear control theory: Graduate Course for EMSD, MCE students

Hydraulic Servos Systems: PhD course

Grundlæggende Hydraulik: 3 dages Industrikursus for Danfoss

2. Study administration: A list of any study administration tasks, e.g. study board membership, head of studies or semester or course coordinator, accreditation, etc.

Member of the study board of Industry and Global Business Development
Coordinator of for the Electro-mechanical System Design (EMSD) programme
Semester coordinator for the 6,7,8,9,10 semesters for the EMSD programm

3. University pedagogy qualifications: A list of any completed courses in university pedagogy, PBL courses, workshops, academic development projects, collegial guidance and supervision, etc.

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4. Other qualifications: Conference attendance, editorials, presentations, etc. relating to education, 'University Teaching Day', etc.

Auther of several papers on Mechatronic education at Aalborg University and experiences with the mechatronic specializations; EMSD and MCESupervision (research area specific supervisor) of two Assistant Professors participating in the "University Teacher Programme".

5. Teaching activity development and teaching materials: A list of any contributions to the development of new modules, teaching materials, study programmes, e-learning, collaboration with external business partners, etc.

One of the initiators of the contents (Study curriculum) of the EMSD and MCE programme.

Teaching material includes (excl. lecture notes)

Books on:
Linear Electrical Circuits incl. solution manual to exercises
Hydraulic Systems Design incl. solution manual to exercises
Hydraulic Servo systems

6. Teaching awards you may have received or been nominated for.

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7. Personal reflections and initiatives: Here you may state any personal deliberations as regards teaching and supervision, any wishes and plans for further pedagogic development, plans for following up on feedback/evaluations from students, etc.

8. Any other information or comments.