• Gromark, Sten, Sweden (Project Manager, academic)
  • Vestergaard, Hedvig (Project participant)
  • Paadam, Katrin, Estonia (Project participant)
  • Nylander, Ola, Sweden (Project participant)
  • Nilsson, Frederik, Sweden (Project participant)
  • Ojamäe, Liis, Estonia (Project participant)
  • Liias, Roode, Estonia (Project participant)
  • Kilvits, Kaarel, Estonia (Project participant)
  • Deichmann Haagerup, Christian, Denmark (Project participant)
  • Støa, Eli, Norway (Project participant)
  • Nordahl, Berit, Norway (Project participant)
  • Ilmonen, Mervi, Finland (Project participant)
  • Pollock, Eric, Finland (Project participant)
  • Scanlon, Kathleen, United Kingdom (Project participant)
  • Lepkova, Natalija, Lithuania (Project participant)
  • Sveinsson, Jón Rúnar, Iceland (Project participant)
This Nordic-Baltic consortium focuses on urban residential transformation processes and their impacts on life quality. The aim of the network is to compare the experiences and knowledge gathered in the participating countries; to define actions and strategies for sustainable housing development; to reconceptualise the housing research and policy with international co-operation and with increased interaction between the different actors in the field; and to develop new understanding and applicable models for future housing policies and visions of residential futures on a European level.
The consortium is a trans-disciplinary R&D oriented group combining architectural housing design and residential sociology with economical and technical expertise. The outcome of the NordForsk supported researcher network activities includes knowledge-based new visions, operational strategies for action and guidelines for reorienting future housing policies. Activities will comprise coordinated cooperation on applications for EU FP7; PhD and Master cooperation through a series of Researcher NetWork Colloquiums, study tour exchanges and continuous development of relations with international institutions and stakeholders in practice.
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Financing sourceOther public support (public)
Research programmeNordforsk http://www.nordforsk.org/



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