The purpose of the project is to develop methods to enable us to construct a controller to increase the stability of the power supply in Denmark. The development of the new methods will take its base in model predictive control and hybrid systems, in order to exploit their ability to handle the constraints within the system. The primary objective of the controller is to exploit the different part of the Danish power system in the most beneficial way, such that the power production becomes optimal with regard to the production cost and the ability to follow the power consumption thereby securing the stability of the Danish power system.
The development of the controller will be based on MPC, a method which most often results in the need to solve an optimization program. Depending on the problem formulation this optimization program ranges from QP problem without constraints to nonlinear problems with constraints.

Effective start/end date01/04/200701/04/2010

    Research areas

  • Optimering, MPC, Power plants

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