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  1. AVPC 2017: Association of Visual Pedagogy Conference 2017

    Otrel-Cass, K.


    Project: ResearchScientific event

  2. Virtual Reality in Design, Construction and Operation

    Svidt, K., Jensen, R. L., Kjems, E. & Hansen, L. H.


    Project: ResearchResearch Project

  3. Pre-investigation of grey-box modelling of de-oiling hydrocyclone system

    Yang, Z. & Bram, M. V.


    Project: ResearchResearch Project

  4. Injection Water Quality Monitoring and Control

    Yang, Z. & Hansen, D. S.


    Project: ResearchPhD Scholarship

  5. SMILE

    Bak-Jensen, B., Iov, F., Pillai, J. R., Østergaard, P. A. & Marczinkowski, H. M.



    Project: ResearchResearch Project

  6. Women and Poverty - Countryprofile Denmark

    Faber, S. T. & Emerek, R.


    Project: Consultancy

  7. Study on Skills, Innovation and Reorganization of Labour: Evidence from Denmark (SIRLED)

    Holm, J. R., Østergaard, C. R. & Timmermans, B.

    European Commission - Joint Research Centre, Seville, European Commission


    Project: ResearchResearch Project

  8. Professionelles praksis i socialt arbejde med børn og unge – Frederiksberg

    Cecilie K., M.


    Project: ResearchResearch Project

  9. PEOPLE: People-centred development approaches in Practical and Learning Environments

    Bruun, M. H.


    Project: ResearchKnowledge Transfer, Teaching, Consortium Project

  10. Kortlægning af energiforbrug i bygninger

    Nielsen, S. & Grundahl, L.


    Project: ResearchResearch Project

  11. THERMOS: Thermal Energy Resource Modelling and Optimisation System

    Nielsen, S. & Grundahl, L.


    Project: ResearchResearch Project

  12. Amino acid analysis by isocratic HPLC analysis of their α-hydroxy acid derivatives

    Eriksen, N. T., Ulusoy, H. I., Ulusoy, S. & Pleissner, D.


    Project: Research

  13. Innovation and Networking for Fatigue and Reliability Analysis of Structures – Training for Assessment of Risk

    Mankar, A., Rastayesh, S., Velarde, J., Wang, X., Long, L., Zorzi, G., Chakraborty, J., Sawicki, B., Bayane, I., Ahmadivala, M., Bassil, A. & Nesterova, M.


    Project: Research

  14. PV owners' motivation and behaviour as prosumers

    Hansen, A. R., Gram-Hanssen, K. & Christensen, T. H.


    Project: ResearchResearch Project

  15. Nye veje i det forebyggende politiarbejde med unge i udsatte boligområder

    Bruselius-Jensen, M.


    Project: ResearchResearch Project

  16. The Energy Internet - Integrating Internet of Things into the Smart Grid

    Vasquez, J. C., Guerrero, J. M., Gui, Y., Diaz, E. R. & Garcia, E. J. P.

    Aalborg University


    Project: ResearchIndividual grant, Practical Project, Research Project

  17. Environment++ - Strategic environmental and business development

    Kørnøv, L., Lyhne, I., Mortensen, L., Vester, J. & Løkke, S.

    Styrelsen for Forskning og Innovation


    Project: ResearchResearch Project

  18. Rehabiliteringspsykologi

    Glintborg, C. & Hansen, T. G. B.

    01/09/2015 → …

    Project: Research

  19. Natur-Kunst Lab

    Chemi, T.


    Project: ResearchResearch Project

  20. Reworking Tourism: Diverse economies in a changing world

    Dredge, D. & Cave, J.


    Project: Research

  21. Improvisational Music Therapy using the software Cromotmusic: a randomized controlled trial

    Ortega, I., Gattino, G. & Schüler-Faccini, L.

    12/01/2016 → …

    Project: Research

  22. Bent Lorentzen: den folkelige modernist. En monografi

    Bonde, L. O.

    Kultur og Kommunikation


    Project: Research

  23. Music and Public Health - A Nordic Perspective

    Bonde, L. O. & Theorell, T.


    Project: Research

  24. CASPR: Centre for Acoustic Signal Processing Research

    Østergaard, J., Tan, Z. & Jensen, J.

    01/11/2016 → …

    Project: ResearchResearch Project

  25. Musikterapi til skizofrenipatienters negative symptomer

    Pedersen, I. N., Aagaard, J., Bonde, L. O., Hannibal, N. & Lindvang, C.


    Project: ResearchResearch Project

  26. Cardiac Resynchronization

    Graff, C.

    01/03/2016 → …

    Project: Research

  27. The Historical Relationship between UNESCO and China

    Chen, Y.


    Project: ResearchPhD Scholarship

  28. Eksperimenterende fællesskaber: Minecraft i dansk (0.-2. klasse)

    Hanghøj, T., Hautopp, H., Jessen, C. & Christoffersen Denning, R.


    Project: Research

  29. KiDM: Kvalitet i dansk og matematik

    Hanghøj, T.


    Project: Research

  30. Collaborative Research on Game-Based Learning - Across the Atlantic

    Hanghøj, T., Misfeldt, M., Bundsgaard, J., Fog, H. S. & Lieberoth, A.


    Project: Research

  31. Ethanol fermentation in Scale Biofuel process plants

    Eriksen, N. T. & Nilsson, D.


    Project: Research

  32. Enzymatic dehairing of skins

    Eriksen, N. T. & Zengin, A. C. A.


    Project: Research

  33. Hydrogen synthesis in Thermotoga sp.

    Eriksen, N. T. & Iversen, N.


    Project: Research

  34. An app(etite) for life with hearing impairment

    Kanstrup, A. M.


    Project: Research

  35. TeleCare Nord Hjertesvigt

    Cichosz, S. L.


    Project: Research

  36. Nordic Master programme in Innovation and Development

    Andersen, P. H., Gregersen, B., Lema, R., Chaminade, C. & Johnson, B.


    Project: ResearchResearch Project

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