A Practical Example of Participatory Modelling as a Way to Include Economic and Social Information to Fisheries Analysis and Advice: Western Horse Mackerel and the Pelagic RAC (Troels J. Hegland and Douglas C. Wilson)

Aktivitet: Foredrag og mundtlige bidragKonferenceoplæg


In 2006 the stakeholders on the Pelagic Regional Advisory Council (RAC) of the EU contacted scientists with expertise in western horse mackerel and asked them to assist the RAC in developing a long-term management plan for that particular stock unit. The Pelagic RAC wished to explore ways of developing management plans through stakeholder consensus, rather than waiting for a plan to arise from ICES. This paper takes a social science perspective and reports on the process that followed. The paper contributes to the knowledge of best practices for interactive processes between scientists and stakeholders, specifically in relation to processes of participatory modelling under circumstances of high uncertainty. Although the process was to some extent characterised by the different perspectives of scientists and stakeholders, the participants - both from science and industry - considered the process a considerable success. Notably, however, some of the scientists were critical of the way their work was utilised in the political process following the actual development process. Although the Pelagic RAC in some ways stands out as a particularly favourable case for scientist/stakeholder cooperation, the process could still serve as an inspiration for stakeholders, scientists and policy-makers wishing to do similar exercises in other settings. Based on interviews, meeting observations and survey material, this paper discusses issues such as scientist/stakeholder interactions, the role of ICES, funding and planning, as well as science/management discrepancies.
Periode25 sep. 2009
BegivenhedstitelICES Annual Science Conference 2009
PlaceringBerlin, Tyskland