ACTUM WP2 Seminar

Simon Wind (Oplægsholder)

Aktivitet: Foredrag og mundtlige bidragKonferenceoplæg


The National Research Council founded project ACTUM (Analyses of activity-based travel chains and sustainable mobility) has a general ambition of developing a new activity based transport model as tool for decision support. However, as something new and ground breaking the project also has the potential to facilitate a dialogue between the quantitative work of the transport model researchers and the qualitative and ethnographic work of mobility researchers. This new path for dialogue put focus on how key concepts from within transport models are funded upon assumptions that might become explored in more detail if these are related to more qualitative studies of everyday life mobility. An example of such a concepts could be ‘value of time’ which is a central model concept, but also one that is very complex and multi-dimensional when studied in its everyday life context. Likewise is the focus on households and the internal dynamics related to how a household copes with choices in organizing everyday life transport (choice of mode, routes and daily activities) an issue that may be explored into more detail if both the quantitative and the qualitative dimensions are connected. Under ACTUM the work package 2 deals precisely with the qualitative aspects of everyday life mobility. This seminar will therefore partly report the initial findings from qualitative research in the Greater Copenhagen area with households (WP2), as well as it will reach out for a dialogue with transport model researchers representing other work packages in the ACTUM project.
Periode22 feb. 2012
BegivenhedstitelACTUM WP2 Seminar
PlaceringKgs. Lyngby, Danmark


  • Mobilitet, transit, byliv
  • Transport models
  • børnefamilier