Afholdelse af workshop på konferencen Creating Knowlegde VI

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Afholdelse af workshop på konferencen Creating Knowlegde VI.
Diversity in higher education calls for process oriented information literacy (IL) practitioners rather than source oriented practitioners. They must be generalists because e.g. students with different backgrounds to a higher degree bring multi- and interdisciplinarity into the situation of creating knowledge and problem solving. It is a situation where counselling is about how to prioritise and combine the multidisciplinarity rather than knowing a subject in depth.

The purposes of this workshop are:

•To facilitate answers to the challenges IL practitioners meet in their work in an educational environment characterized by diversity
•To go through a process from pedagogical reflection to practical ideas about teaching or counselling.
The participants will be challenged on their pedagogical awareness, competencies and creativity and on their understanding of information literacy.

Periode9 sep. 2010
BegivenhedstitelCreating Knowledge VI - Information literacy and diversity in higher education. Mapping the Learning Environment. Sep. 8-10 2010, Bergen, Norway
ArrangørUniversity of Bergen
PlaceringBergen, Norge


  • Information literacy
  • Creating knowledge
  • Learning
  • Aalborg Universitetsbibliotek