Akademisk Kvarter (Tidsskrift)

Aktivitet: Redaktionelt arbejde og fagfællebedømmelseRedaktør af tidsskriftForskning


Academic Quarter is a peer reviewed, online journal with humanistic research. The aim of the journal is to meet the demand for critical publication of topics from the humanistic and cultural-scientific research tradition from the Danish universities. The journal will cover current themes, and at the same time it will seek to create a high standard of good communication and publication of research within the humanities. Academic Quarter has as its aim the exchange of research among international scholars, and at the same time it allows anybody to follow this exchange of the most recent research through its online and unrestricted form of publication. The journal has a wide scope, but each issue concentrates on specific themes. Articles will be in Danish and English.
Periode1 jun. 20191 jun. 2020
Type af tidsskriftTidsskrift
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


  • Heroism
  • Heroism mythology
  • Gender
  • Superheroes
  • Comic Book Heroism
  • Historical heroism
  • Everyday heroism
  • Media heroism
  • Philosophical heroism