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Project as one argument

Project as one argument is a pedagogical and didactical experiment that focus on providing better tools for the architecture student to navigate and focus on their projects, through exercises with argumentation models, primarily the Toulmin method.
Working, studying and teaching in the larger scales of architecture (urban design, landscape architecture, landscape and urban planning) requires a great overview in order to frame, focus and conduct a strategic reaction or a design proposal. In large scale projects an array of parameters creates a high degree of complexity to be considered in the project and to be utilized as generative aspects. A learning – and teaching challenge occurs when the students move from the analytical or mapping phase into the synthesis of proposal phase. The challenge derives from prioritizing and establishing a hierarchy between the different elements in the analysis and thereby establishing an operational overview.
The paper presents the design and results of the didactic experiment, in the form of workshop that includes exercises which asks the students to apply Toulmin´s model for constructing a valid argument and invites the students to consider their research and design process as parts of one overarching argument for the design proposal.
The workshop aims to establish a meta-awareness of the role of the different parts of the project and how they are utilized in development of the main argument. The results of the workshop; student posters and the evaluation of the learning outcome by the participating students show that the exercise contributed to an improved overview, and thereby empowered the students to work with a greater degree of autonomy. Furthermore, the argumentation model proved to be a good didactical tool to open up for process discussions in plenary and for peer-to-peer feedback.
Periode22 apr. 2022
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