Building the groove – jamming. A theory on spontaneous musical communication.

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This longitudinal qualitative study examines funk musicians' spontaneous musical communication during groove building and development. Interviewing and doing participant observation among New Orleans funk musicians and reflecting these analytical findings on the author's own artistic and educational experiences as music academy teacher provide the study's empirical foundation.
Based on the methodological approach of Grounded Theory the study offers a detailed theoretical understanding of the social processes of building and developing funk grooves. The study argues for the funk groove building musicians being involved in iterative spiral processes of 'open approach', 'prioritized focusing', categorical reflection', and 'artistic realization' with a prerequisite of 'making the music feel good'.
These findings are argued to have pivotal educational implications for the teaching and learning of spontaneous musical communication.
Periode16 maj 201318 maj 2013
Begivenhedstitel9th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry
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