Centre for Disourse Studies, Nordforsk (Ekstern organisation)

McIlvenny, P. (Medlem)

    Aktivitet: MedlemskabMedlemskab af forskningsnetværk eller ekspertgruppe


    PlaceME: Place, MEdiated Discourse and Embodied Interaction

    An emerging area of interdisciplinary research is the study of how embodied and virtual social actors communicate, interact and coordinate their activities in complex multimodal environments. The Nordic research network on Place, Mediated discourse and Embodied interaction (PlaceME) brings together complementary research groups to investigate places in which embodied actors interact through diverse materialities, mobilities, resources, discourses, tools, objects and technologies. The core research conducted by participants in the network will have a strong applied dimension and it will inform work in interaction design, pervasive computing, architecture, urban planning and the design of educational environments. The primary purpose of the network is to provide a rich and stimulating research milieu in which both scholars and doctoral students benefit from a computer-supported collaborative group-work paradigm, and hence to establish joint research training and to consolidate research in this area as a basis for a joint European project. The network will hold six doctoral training workshops, facilitate the mobility of doctoral students and scholars within the Nordic region, organise an international conference and provide a network website and public forums for documenting and discussing the activities of the network. The network will also promote interdisciplinarity, methodological pluralism and cross-cultural awareness. The network is funded by NordForsk for a period of three years from October 1, 2006 to September 30, 2009.
    Navn: PlaceME Forskiningsnetværkleder

    Body type: Network
    Periode1 okt. 2006 - 30 sep. 2009
    Sted for afholdelseCentre for Disourse Studies, Nordforsk
    Grad af anerkendelseInternational