CLIMA 2016 - 12th REHVA World Congress

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CLIMA 2016, 12th REHVA World Congress 2016 in Aalborg north of Denmark. Full reviewed papers presented at CLIMA 2016 is published in the conference proceedings. Find author index at right on this page. Proceedings contains 10 volumes: Vol. 1: (SS1-SS3) track “Building Retrofit” Vol. 2: (SS4-SS7) track “Building Technologies” Vol. 3: (SS8-SS13) track “Sustainable Energy” Vol. 4: (SS14-SS16) track “Energy Flexibility & Storage” Vol. 5: (SS17-SS23) track “Ventilation & Air Distribution” Vol. 6: (SS24-SS30) track “Building Performance” Vol. 7: (SS31-SS33) track “Indoor Environment” Vol. 8: (SS34-SS36) track “Commissioning, Control & Energy Management” Vol. 9: (SS37-SS41) tracks “Heating and Cooling Systems” + “Weather & Microclimate” Vol. 10: (Topical Sessions) track “IEA Sessions”
Periode22 maj 201625 maj 2016
PlaceringAalborg, Danmark


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