Collaborative Robotics Is Coming

  • Dejan Popovic (Foredragsholder)

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Robotics is one of the elemental stones for Industry 4.0. The term robotics considers two types of robots for the industry: industrial robots and collaborative robots. An industrial robot is a self-operating machine replacing a worker, while the collaborative robot (Cobot) works alongside humans rather than replacing them. Cobots need to facilitate the physically tricky part of activities; hence, a worker can bring in creativity, reasoning, and critical thinking. Cobots are much less present in the industry (≈3%) compared to robots (≈97%). The projected increase to over 30% is in the mind of robotics society. The envisioned expansion is foreseen among small and medium-sized manufacturers who most likely will operate in the automation-challenged low-volume space and need cobots' flexibility. Cobots work at lower speeds and payloads than industrial robots; yet, it can augment human abilities. Cobots are much less expensive and can be easily integrated into the workplace. Cobot deployment can be fast and straightforward. The biggest problem in expanding the use of cobots is the man-machine interface and the control design that combines natural (biological) control of the worker and the external control driving the parallel skeletal system. Whereas traditional industrial robots require advanced programming skills, cobots can be given work instructions without coding, making deployment and re-deployment easy. Some of the cobot developers would like to re-term the programming with the training and re-training of a cobot. Cobots must meet the standards (e.g., ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012 and ISO 10218-1,2:2011). The standards ensure that the robots are collaborative, but they do not cover the applications. The lecture will have illustrations from the domain of cobots used to assist people with compromised movements.
Periode4 nov. 20206 nov. 2020
Begivenhedstitel2020 International Symposium on Industrial Electronics and Applications, INDEL 2020
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