Creative Technologies Special Issue "Multimodal Interfaces For Natural Interactions" (Tidsskrift)

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Name: Creative Technologies
Keywords: creative/affective experiences, creative content providers, creative design and advertising, creative domotics, creative experience providers, creative industries, creative robots, creative service providers, creative technologies, creative user experience, Creativity, crowd creativity, cultural heritage, data mining, data storage, data visualization, digital art, DJ and VJ tools, Edutainment, Linked media, MOCAP and immersive technologies, museums, music industry, social signal processing, sonification, special effects, transmedia, TV and radio, verbal and non verbal communication, visualization.
Given the times of uber-fast change and inter/intra-activity we are living in, creativity is a keyfactor of disruptive future developments. Creative and entertainment industries nowadaysrepresent more than 3% of the GDP in Europe and they spread from creative content providers(TV & radio, fashion, music) to creative experience providers (games, movies and musicexperience) through creative services providers (advertising, design, architecture).Creative services, contents or experiences more and more go beyond a single discipline andappear to lie in a sound engagement of the artist/entertainer, the engineer and the scientist.Digital arts, creative and entertainment industries, and (tele)communication/(social) signalprocessing speak the language of convergence rather than discreteness, and their interaction callsfor special attention now more than ever.EAI Transactions on Creative Technologies aims at creating a forge between digital arts, creativeindustries and science. The Journal seeks for high-level contributions addressing several of thoseaspects with a special focus on at least one of them:

Creative Industries - the paper can describe a whole industrial project or frameworkintegrating creative technologies for domains such as:

Creative content providers: TV & radio (broadcast, linked media), fashion (RFID andsensors, energy recycling), games (tourism, cultural heritage), music & movies, books(digitization, sonification), museums and media archives, etc.
Creative services providers: advertising (user-centred web and adds optimization, gamesand interaction for ads), design (communication devices for creative environments),architecture (places which adapt to people, creativity from domotics), new media andtransmedia, etc.
Creative experience providers: games (social and body/gesture interactions), movies andmusic experience (participative creation, DJs and VJs creative tools), etc.
Scientific topics - the paper can focus on scientific tools for creative industries on topicssuch as:

Creative content management: Multimedia data mining and innovative browsing, data2D/3D visualization, digitization and storage, cultural heritage, etc.
Creative interactions: Social signal processing, novel verbal and non verbal, explicit orimplicit interactions, serious games, edutainment, interacting robots, sensors and MOCAP,etc.
Creative experiences: Affective content analysis and synthesis, immersive technologies,special effects, augmented reality, expressivity and emotion detection, user experiences,etc.Additional material such as videos of installations and setups, public/users reactions andcomments, or demo links are welcome.
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Periode1 jun. 2015
Type af tidsskriftTidsskrift