Doctoral course in discourse analysis

    Aktivitet: Foredrag og mundtlige bidragUndervisning og kursusvirksomhed ved andre universiteter


    Introduction. This course gives an introduction to the theories, prinicples and methods of mediated discourse analysis (MDA) and nexus analysis (NA) (with a splash of discourse in place (DinP) and geographies of discourse (GoD) thrown in). The first part of the course will focus on MDA and the second part on NA. These two approaches to discourse studies steer an innovative course between other approaches such as conversation/interaction analysis and critical discourse analysis/social semiotics. Rather than analysing a conversation or analysing isolated texts (or other meaningful objects), MDA provides a framework for analysing texts-in-action. And even if the focus is on the mediation of situated action, the historicity of participants, interaction orders and discourses of place are also emphasised. The course will introduce students to the basic theories and illustrate how to do MDA and NA using examples and case studies.
    Emneord: diskursstudier, diskurs, diskursanalyse

    Gradeast doctoral programme basic course for PhD students
    Periode24 apr. 2008
    Sted for afholdelseGRADEAST: Regional Doctoral Programme, Danmark


    • diskursstudier
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