DRUID (Ekstern organisation)

Turcan, R. V. (Medlem)

Aktivitet: MedlemskabMedlemskab af forskningsnetværk eller ekspertgruppe


The mission of DRUID is to establish itself as a leading European centre for research and doctoral education in industrial dynamics, based on theories of innovation, economic organization, competitive advantage, organizational competencies, economic evolution and growth.

The objective is to contribute to a better understanding of the dynamics of technical, structural and institutional change at the level of the single firm as well as at the inter-firm level and the level of the economy as a whole.

Special attention is given to fundamental trends such as the growing importance of knowledge for competitiveness, the information technology revolution, and the internationalization of the economy
Periode2011 → …
Sted for afholdelseDRUID
Grad af anerkendelseInternational