Everyday Tectonics (Tidsskrift)

  • Marie Frier Hvejsel (Redaktør)

Aktivitet: Redaktionelt arbejde og fagfællebedømmelseRedaktør af tidsskriftForskning


That of transmitting an experience of dwelling: of being together, of contemplation, or even of being love is in our understanding the finest potential of architecture. By referring to the fundamental architectural task of uniting aesthetics and technique, the tectonic is crucial in this matter as it forces the question of how we go about this task. Historically, the notion of tectonics has been applied as a critical and analytical means within architectural discourse describing an ‘honest’ approach to architectural construction and attributed the personification of the architect as a master builder. Consequently, the tectonic is often exemplified in unique, large-scale cultural works of architecture incorporating uniquely designed exposed structural elements and unique budgets. However, the critical architectural potential of the term tectonics reaches far beyond this established theoretical framework.

With this theme issue it is our intention to call for critical architectural positions, theories and practices for the development of a tectonic approach applicable in an everyday context. How to tectonically approach the pressing need for a sustainable approach to architectural construction? How to tectonically deal with the increasing amount of parties, technical installations and requirements, budget limitations, and construction technologies characterizing the general architectural practice? What is the future role of the architect in this matter? What is the tectonics of the prefabricated house, the office block, the hospital etc.? How to apply new sustainable material technologies, construction methods, industries and means of fabrication in developing a tectonic approach applicable in an everyday context?

Initiater and special issue editor in cooperation with Professor Anne Beim (Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts), Assistant Professor Ulrik Stylsvig Madsen (Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts) & Charlotte Bundgaard (Aarhus School of Architecture)
Periode1 jan. 201431 dec. 2014
Type af tidsskriftTidsskrift