Evolutionary Intelligence (Tidsskrift)

  • Paolo Burelli (Redaktør)

Aktivitet: Redaktionelt arbejde og fagfællebedømmelseRedaktør af tidsskriftForskning


Evolutionary Intelligence: Special Issue on Evolutionary Intelligence in Games

This issue includes three papers selected from those presented to the EvoGames track within the EvoStar 2013 conference (Esparcia-Alcázar 2013). All authors with a paper accepted in that conference were invited and then an open call was made to anybody working in the topic of evolutionary intelligence in games. After the authors submitted an extended version a selection was made and these three papers were accepted after two rounds of revision.
The three papers represent a wide range of games and puzzles: a relatively recent trading-card game, Dominion (Mahlmann et al. 2012), which was created by Donald Vacarino and published by Rio Grande Games in 2008, a classic platform game, Super Mario (Togelius et al. 2009) and a board game, MasterMind, which is actually a puzzle proposed initially in the 70s by a telecommunication engineer and whose first solution was proposed by Donald Knuth a few years later (Knuth 1976–77).
Periodemar. 2014
Type af tidsskriftTidsskrift