From Ideas to Action

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IDEO U Kursus:

From Ideas to Action will teach you the methodology IDEO experts rely on to unlock new visions of the future. This course will give you the tools to build three critical design thinking skills:

Course Details:

In this course you will learn and practice three skills for moving from ideas to action:
1. Idea Cultivation: Brainstorming is just the beginning. Learn new techniques to tap into your—and your team’s—creativity.
2. Rapid Prototyping: Develop quick and early experiments, so you (and others) can put your ideas to the test.
3. Strategic Iteration: Move quickly through the process to find the most feasible—and desirable—solution.

This course is designed for team leaders, innovators, and problem solvers.
Periode24 maj 20172 jul. 2017
PlaceringSan Fransisco, USAVis på kort
Grad af anerkendelseInternational