Game on climate change and impact assessment

Lyhne, I. (Andet)

Aktivitet: Andet


"Mind the gap! A climate change game on the assessment of synergies and tradeoffs in SEA"

Research point at the risk of sub-optimal solutions and the need to consider the relations between climate change measures and effects and other environmental effects:

The idea of this game is to approach the risk of sub-optimal solutions. And why not making this process fun?

The idea of “Mind the gap!” is to combine professional assessment practice, organisational learning on climate, and a funny game.

The purpose of the game is to create a reflective and interactive space for assessing potential synergies and trade-offs between climate change and other policy concerns in SEA

The intension is that the game can be used as a team building tool in organizations facing climate change dilemmas.

Besides the fun, the organisation’s awareness and collaboration on climate change is increased through a game framework that is flexible enough to be adapted to any context/sector planning.
Periode23 sep. 2011
Sted for afholdelseIAIA Special Conference on Strategic Environmental Assessment, Danmark