Guest lecture "Theory building: issues, challenges and contributions", the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK

Turcan, R. V. (Oplægsholder)

Aktivitet: Foredrag og mundtlige bidragForedrag og præsentationer i privat eller offentlig virksomhed


How do we advance our research fields? Via theory building as one way of many would be the answer. But how do we actually do it? How do we conduct research in an emerging field, in a field that is at the intersection of multiple theoretical frameworks, or on a phenomenon that is not convenient to research? How do we go from pure description where most of research actually stops in a qualitative enquiry to develop propositions, advance middle range theories, and go beyond a substantive theory?

In this seminar Romeo V. Turcan intends to address the above and other issues pertaining to theory building by drawing on his personal experience starting from his PhD. The focus of his PhD was on de-internationalization of new small high-technology ventures and these ventures' struggle for survival before and after the bubble. The findings from his PhD led to a number of scientific publications from which few are highlighted: the typology of goal alignment between entrepreneurs and investors (Turcan, 2008); typology of captivity (Turcan, 2012); typology of de-internationalization (Turcan, 2011); cross-disciplinary theory building framework (Turcan et al., 2009) and theory of international new venture survivability (Turcan, 2011).

Romeo V. Turcan is an Associate Professor of International Business and Entrepreneurship at the Department of Business and Management at the Aalborg University in Denmark. His research expertise lies in the area of international entrepreneurship, with a focus on the emergence and legitimation of knowledge intensive ventures; and in sociology of markets, with a focus on knowledge transfer and bubble emergence. His vision is to advance a general and multidisciplinary conceptual framework for understanding the creation of markets in uncertain decision-making settings. Romeo V. Turcan received his PhD in International Entrepreneurship at the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at the Strathclyde University, Glasgow; MSc in International Marketing at the Marketing Department at the Strathclyde University, Glasgow; and Diploma of Mechanical Engineer from the Air Force Engineering Military Academy in Riga.
Periode29 mar. 2012
BegivenhedstitelTheory building : null
PlaceringGlasgow, Storbritannien