ICT in problem based teaching and learning

Smed, K. M. (Andet)

    Aktivitet: Andet


    This workshop will focus on ways of using ICT in problem based teaching and learning, and participants will be introduced to easy to use-tools for developing their own practice within technology-supported teaching and learning.

    At the workshop, the organisers will present a method for planning and developing ICT-supported teaching and learning. Through the use of a design tool, participants in the workshop will develop ideas for technology-supported teaching and use of web 2.0 tools in a project oriented, problem based pedagogy. In the workshop, the participants will be working with a number of questions and issues of relevance to the use of ICT in teaching. These all aim at developing teaching and learning practices which are guided by pedagogical considerations, rather than technical ones. The workshop also serves as an invitation to share and discuss your own experiences with ICT in teaching, and learn from each other.

    Participants are expected to take active part in group work in this workshop. No particular technological knowledge is required to participate. The workshop is in English. If you have a laptop in your office, please bring it to the workshop.
    Periode9 maj 2011
    Sted for afholdelseMarianne Georgsen, eLearning Lab, AAU , Danmark