Innovative Learning Spaces – Designing, Developing, and Sustaining Future-Ready Classrooms

Aktivitet: Deltagelse i faglig begivenhedOrganisering af eller deltagelse i workshop, kursus, seminar, udstilling eller lignende


At this workshop we invite you to explore what future classrooms look like for you and your organizations. We commence with insights into the process, findings and the sixteen recommendations from the project “Classroom of the Future”, at Aalborg University, Denmark. The project included thorough investigation into current and up-and-coming practices internationally and locally, as well as teaching experiments within various classrooms. The project focused on physical locations and specifically digital supported learning tools applied in these physical setups including active learning spaces and hybrid teaching formats. During this workshop we invite you to reflect on our findings and contribute with further perspectives on the operationalization of innovative learning spaces. From these perspectives, we move into a co-design phase, where we will work with various materials and dialogues facilitated based on a selected number of questions. During the design phase, you get the opportunity to share with the other workshop participants, about your experiences with different teaching rooms and their pedagogical use, reflect on the findings from the presented project and design your dream future-ready classroom.
Periode6 nov. 2023
PlaceringAalborg, DanmarkVis på kort
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


  • PBL
  • Classroom
  • teachingspaces
  • Design based research
  • Design
  • Learning
  • Higher Education