Norskov as local noir: Regionalization in Danish TV drama production

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    Local noir is a trend on the rise in crime fiction, even though ‘places as such’ have been a topos in Western crime fiction since its beginning. Local noir is part of an general counter-centralization trend in drama production and story-telling. For the locality, it may create a new sense of dwelling and ‘pride’ in a world on the move, but it may outside of the locality still be viewed as very both national and global in scope. Rather than diminishing the idea of localities, local TV production, and especially local crime fiction in its broad appeal, draw attention to specific places and may ‘lift’ it from out of the downward spiral of peripherality. In doing so local noir challenges several traditional assumptions about drama production and consumption.
    Periode5 nov. 2015
    BegivenhedstitelNordic noir
    PlaceringKøbenhavn, DanmarkVis på kort


    • Local noir
    • Nordic noir
    • TV drama
    • regionalization
    • crime fiction
    • production