Interdisciplinary Leadership Course

Aktivitet: Deltagelse i faglig begivenhedOrganisering af eller deltagelse i workshop, kursus, seminar eller lignende


This research leadership course targets all AAU research group leaders, heads of sections, cluster initiators, and other faculty staff managing interdisciplinary projects and programmes at AAU. To harness the value of interdisciplinary collaboration and promote integration with of SSH, STEM and HEALTH, this course offers a learning platform to support:
* Leadership skills and models for composing interdisciplinary projects and teams.
* Insights into mission-oriented research and innovation practices.
* Tools to effectively communicate and interact across disciplinary boundaries.
* A framework for planning and amplifying impact and collaborating with partners from other research fields and sectors.
Periode12 sep. 20227 nov. 2022
PlaceringAalborg, DanmarkVis på kort


  • Tværfaglig samarbejde
  • Tværfagligt kursus
  • tværvidenskab
  • Tværfaglig forskning
  • interdisciplinary Research
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Transdisciplinarity
  • Multi-disciplinary research
  • Transdisciplinary research