Model-based testing and validation of Real-Time Systems: Tallinn University, Institute of Cybernetics

Nielsen, B. (Andet)

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Software is becoming increasingly complex and there is a growing awareness within software engineering practice that both formal verification techniques as well as testing techniques are needed in order to deal with this growing complexity.  This is in particular true in areas such as embedded systems used in consumer electronics, time dependent systems occurring in safety critical systems and communication protocols from the telecommunication industry.

The focus of this course is on modern techniques and software-tools that can be used to assess the quality and correctness of software systems. The course emphasizes tools and techniques for model-based testing of system implementations, but also introduces formal verification of system designs.

The aims of the course are that the students become familiar with the possibility of validating software systems based on models and specifications (in particular of real-time and embedded systems where  the quantitative timing of events is of utmost importance for their correctness and usability) with the aid of software tools for the verification and analysis, and that they learn novel techniques and methods for testing and validating software systems. The course will contain a mix of lecturing and hands-on exercises especially built around the Uppaal tool suite.


 Model Based developmentModelling Embedded systems
 Introduction to timed automata (TA)Modelling and Verification using Uppaal
  Real-Time Conformance
 Testing theoryReal-time extensions of the ioco testing theory Off-Line Testing Off-line generation using model checkers(optimal) quantitative test-sequences(based on Priced TA)
 Testing strategies using Timed Games On-Line Testing Online real-time testingUppaal-Tron
 Monitoring and Environment Emulation;Industrial Case study Future Challenges
Periode14 apr. 200817 apr. 2008
Sted for afholdelseTallinn University, Estland