Model-Baseret Test og Udvikling af indlejret software

Nielsen, B. (Andet)

Aktivitet: Foredrag og mundtlige bidragUndervisning og kursusvirksomhed ved andre universiteter


DAY 1: Foundations of Software Testing 1. Introduction to software testing 1. What is testing, course motivation, course overview 2. Testing and quality 3. Different kinds of testing: test levels: Unit, integration, system, acceptance, functional, performance, usability,... 4. Testing and development processes, testing as a development process (Tmap). 5. Risk based testing 2. Classical Test Case design Techniques 1. Whitebox techniques * Flowgraphs, Test criteria/coverage * Statement / branch / decision / condition / path coverage * Looptesting * Data flow testing: Def-use pairs * Efficiency of different criteria 2. Black-box techniques * Equivalence partitioning * Boundary value analysis * Cause-effect graphing * Behavioural testing * Random testing * Error guessing etc 3. Integration test strategies: topdown, buttom up, sandwich,... 4. Basic test tools: C-unit, version control and configuration management, defect tracing,… 3. Hands-on Excercises 1. Test case design 2. Test case implementation and execution 3. Coverage measurement (using tools like visualStudio or tcov) DAY 2: Model-based Testing and Verification 1. UML analysis models (diagrams) from a testing perspective 1. Use case diagrams 2. Class and package diagrams 3. (Message) Sequence charts 4. State charts 2. Testing concurrent reactive software (Object interaction) 1. Basic definitions and Problems 2. Modelling using FSM (state chart) 3. Model checking / simulating / testing design models 4. Handcrafting test cases from FSMs 3. Outlook: Tools for automated test case generation 1. Offline generation of test cases 2. Online randomized system testing 4. Hands-on excersizes: 1. Modelling and verification using (untimed uppaal / commercial tools ?) 2. Offline test generation: Manual and using a commercial tool? 3. Online testing using T-uppaal
Periode3 maj 20064 maj 2006
Sted for afholdelseCISS, Dansk (anonymt) firma