Moisture supply in Danish single-family houses – the influence of building style

Hansen, E. J. D. P. (Foredragsholder)

Aktivitet: Foredrag og mundtlige bidragKonferenceoplæg


According to ISO 13788 internal moisture supply in dwellings can be described by humidity classes defined by outdoor temperature, occupancy and ventilation. Hygrothermal measurements in 500 Danish single-family houses were made to investigate if building style and geographical location are important as well. Further it was investigated whether snapshot measurements in materials could replace logging of relative humidity and temperature. Building type has only a limited effect on the moisture supply. Geographical location has an effect; however variations are not systematic. It is not possible by means of two-pin or capacitive moisture meter measurements to estimate indoor relative humidity.
Periode12 jun. 2017
Begivenhedstitel11th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics: null
PlaceringTrondheim, Norge
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


  • building style
  • capacitive moisture meter
  • dwellings
  • geography
  • humidity class
  • hygrothermal sensor
  • moisture supply
  • two-pin moisture meter