Music listening and Imagery (MI) for training mentalization capacity of dementia caregivers

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The concept of mentalization plays an increasing role in psychotherapy, education and management, and art- and GIM therapists have successfully integrated mentalization as a way of describing and understanding psychodynamics taking place in therapy. The use of Music and Imagery (MI) may enhance relational competences and improve mentalization capacity, which is highly relevant when working in stressful environments. With this paper, we aim to address how MI can be used for training mentalization capacity of caregivers working in dementia care. We used MI as part of a training program in Person Attuned Musical interaction (PAMI) for caregivers. The development of the PAMI training program was part of a research project at Aalborg University, Denmark. By working directly with MI-experiences, the caregivers gained new understandings of themselves and their own way to perceive music. When the caregivers shared their listening experiences and the emerged imageries, we applied a mentalization-based approach by openly exploring the caregivers’ unique experiences and imageries as well as the content of the experience and how the experience could be fruitful in their daily work life. For evaluating how the caregivers’ perceived MI experiences, a focus group interview was conducted and analyzed by applying a phenomenological approach.
In the paper we will outline how we applied MI, and how the caregivers experienced this way of working with their own interpersonal competences. We will furthermore discuss ethical implications for applying MI in professional training contexts.
Periode22 sep. 2022
Begivenhedstitel3rd EAMI Conference: The Power of Music – moving towards the core of GIM. European Association for Music and Imagery
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