New Mexico State University

Holm-Nielsen, J. B. (Gæsteforsker)

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Advanced Biofuel production

Guest visiting professor Shunguang Deng, New Mexico State University.
Prof. Deng was our guest researcher in the Group of Bioenergy, Collaboration contained scientific work in our labs of HTHP equiptment for producion biooils from micro algaes and other biomasses. The collaboration was 6 weeeks during May-June 2012. Planned and organized by JBHN and LAR from Department of Energy Technology
Periode15 maj 2012 - 30 jun. 2012
BesøgendeNew Mexico State University


  • Advanced Biofuels, Biomass Ressource, Anaerobic digestion, Biorefineries, Deconstruction, Innovative Technologies