Nexus Analysis & Practice Theory seminar with Professor Davide Nicolini

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One-day seminar with Professor Davide Nicolini, Professor & Codirector af Innovation, Knowledge & Organisational Networks Research Unit, University of Warwick, UK Professor Nicolini will give a lecture entitled "Is small the only way to be beautiful? Using practice theory to deal with large phenomena and big questions" How can practice theory address large scale phenomena and big questions? This is a critical issue as practice-based sensitivities are often accused of localism and deemed unsuitable to deal with the big issue of our time. By distinguishing between the idea that some phenomena are large-scale and the notion that there exist such things as “macro” phenomena, the argument was that the difference between the two constitutes a critical watershed between traditional social science and practice-based approaches. A variety of examples illustrate the theoretical and methodological ways in which practice theorist have addressed large scale phenomena. Issues discussed include the benefits and drawbacks of turning practice into an entity, ways to study and represent nested relationally, what strategies we have at our disposal to investigate arc of reproduction of practices and how capturing large scale and phenomena requires strategically shifting between temporal horizons. By examining the challenges ahead and reflecting on whether practice-based approaches should try to extend their remits to cover broader, global large scale phenomena or whether this aim would be better served by delegating this task to other traditions in social science, conclusions are made.
Periode28 aug. 2015
PlaceringAalborg, DanmarkVis på kort


  • praexeology