Delegation members:
• Mr Julian Hill MP, Leader of the Delegation
• Ms Rebekha Sharkie MP
• Dr Joel Bateman, Delegation Secretary
• Ms Melissa Ryan, First Assistant Secretary, Employment Policy and Analytics Division, Department of Employment and Workplace Relations

Purpose of the visit: Denmark, like Australia, has had for some time a market-based approach to the provision of employment services. However, in response to identified gaps – particularly for the long-term disadvantaged – the government has shifted to a mixed-economy model, with an emphasis on local governments partnering with specialist agencies. Of particular interest to the Committee, Denmark has fostered an experimental approach, wherein different municipalities operate in different ways, allowing for innovation and collaboration.
Periode5 okt. 2023
Sted for afholdelseAustralian Embassy in Copenhagen, Australien
Grad af anerkendelseInternational