Personalisation of Public Service Media - localising a global technology

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Algorithmic recommendation of public service media content challenges organisational self- understanding and editorial work-flows, but seems however a feature expected by users. The shift of control from editors to algorithms challenges central PSB concepts such as universality, diversity and fairness. Based on the analysis of the different implementation- and localisation strategies for recommender systems at nine West-European PSM organisations, this paper aims to categorise these approaches to identify possible trajectories policies for PSMs that have not implemented recommender systems. The analysis is backed by an longitudinal analysis of the use of third-party web services by East- and West European PSM, showing the adaption of recommender systems is not necessarily depending on outsourcing. An policy can be to build and run recommender services ‘in-house’. The dependency on or independence from external technology providers may thus, besides editorial consideration, play a significant role when personalisation strategies are considered.
Periode22 nov. 201923 nov. 2019
BegivenhedstitelSCREEN INDUSTRIES IN EAST-CENTRAL EUROPE VIII: Public Service Media’s Online Strategies: Industry Concepts and Critical Investigations
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Grad af anerkendelseInternational


  • public service media
  • personalization
  • localization
  • algorithmic recommender systems