Receptive music therapy (GIM) in the early stage of dementia

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Background: In a number of systematic reviews, positive effects of music interventions on moderate to severe dementia are reported, however, little is known about music therapy in the early stages of dementia. In a systematic review on the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM), McKinney and Honig (2017) found promising effects on psychological and physiological health for participants 18-78 years of age. No studies directly addressed dementia at
any stage. Aims: Given the overall promising effects of music interventions and dementia, and on GIM in general, our aim is to study the effect of GIM for persons in an early stage of dementia. Methods: Phase 1: in an explorative action research study, we invited persons in the early stage of dementia to participate in GIM sessions. Data consisted of (1) session transcripts, narratives, imagery, music selections, (2) relatives comments and reflections, and (3) the therapist reflections, acts, and interventions. Phase 2: pilot study for testing the clinical manual and research protocol. Phase 3: Feasibility study leading to Phase 4: protocol registration and running RCT on the effect of GIM on specified health outcomes for persons in an early stage of dementia. Results: Phase 1 started January 2020 with five participants, and phase 2 starts in January 2021. Discussion: Findings from phase 1 and 2 will be presented with case examples, and suggestions for the clinical manual and the research protocol will be discussed.
Periode28 apr. 2022
BegivenhedstitelNordic Music Therapy Conference 2022
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