Reflexive management – A matter of education?

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This conference paper introduces a case study on management in one of the major Danish companies. The analysis will show that one of the great challenges of everyday management is the lack of time, space, and in some cases also the ability, to conduct reflexive management. We here in this paper comprehend reflexive management as the ability to disconnect everyday pressure for immediate responses in order to find time and space for reflexive actions. Analysis of the case study, introduced in this paper, will show a manager occupied responding on challenges instead of making time and space for reflexive management. The case study will also show that reflexive management is not only important for strategic planning but also for ensuring the quality and consistency of the ongoing daily activities in the organization. Based on this case study will we address our main research question: is reflexive management a matter of education? The paper will first introduce our analysis of the case study and afterwards outline our comprehension as well as definition of reflexive management. This will obviously be done by comparing and contrasting our concept with relevant literature. Finally, will we address the question: “is reflexive management a matter of education?”. This will be followed up by a discussion of the didactic model, including what Germans name “Bildung”, required for developing reflexive management. Beside from this will the discussion offer our first, and probably quite immature, sketches for a curriculum of reflexive management. This is a curriculum we, sometime in the future, hope to be able to offer our students.

Periode8 jun. 20179 jun. 2017
BegivenhedstitelBecoming a Leader a Matter Of Education: Becoming a Leader
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