Research Seminar Research methods based on Art, Design and Intervention

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The research seminar is an invitation to PhD students and Post doc’s as well as experienced researchers to take part in an engaged discussion on the challenges and potentials related to research methods based on art, design and intervention. Such research methods have in recent years been discussed and practiced within the fields of art, architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture. Relying on the artistic, design and interventionist competencies of practitioners of these fields, such research methods among other things are employed in proposing models of retrofitting, change, or innovation in our artistic, architectural, urban and landscape environments. Often they work with distinctive examples of art, design or intervention to explore issues and opportunities, which can foster the production of new scientific knowledge based on an active role by the researcher. The aim of the seminar is to explicate and discuss HOW such forms of research are conducted. How, according to which features, can artistic, design and interventionist competencies, forms of production and products reasonably be said to contribute to research?
Periode18 jan. 2013
PlaceringAalborg, DanmarkVis på kort


  • research by design, research by intervention, research by art,