Syntax and Semantics for UCN

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The course is meant to introduce the basic concepts, methods, results and tools from theoretical computer science. The main focus will be on the Theory of Computation, Automata Theory and Structural Operational Semantics. With some of these methods, the students are already familiar from their practical experience in Computer Science. The course will stress on the theoretical, mathematical and logical aspects. The course will consist in lectures and exercise sessions. There will be a major emphasize on solving theoretical problems. After attending this course, the students should be able to use the basic theoretical concepts from computer science and apply them in organizing their projects.

Formally, the course will cover the following topics:

I. Automata and Languages
I.1. Regular Languages
I.1.1. Finite Automata
I.1.2. Nondeterminism
I.1.3. Regular Expressions
I.1.4. Nonregular Languages
I.2. Context-Free Languages
I.2.1. Context-Free Grammars
I.2.2. Pushdown Automata
I.2.3. Non-context-free Languages

II. Semantics
II.1. Basic principles of Semantics
II.1.1 Abstract Syntax
II.1.2. Transition Systems
II.1.3. Big-step versus Small-step semantics
II.1.4. Elements of Operational Semantics
II.2. Language Constructs
II.2.1. Control structures
II.2.2. Blocks and Procedures
II.2.3. Parameters
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