The rough agenda for our research seminar on May 31 is as follows:

8.00-9.00: Arrival and breakfast

9.00-12.00: TAPAR strategy

12.00-13.00: Lunch and wild-life

13.00: TAPAR publication

13.30: TAPAR fundraising

14.00: TAPAR research based teaching

14.30: TAPAR outreach

15.00: Coffee

15.30: TAPAR work envirkonment

16.00: End of the seminar

16.15-17.00: Senior meeting (Lars Bo, Pernille, Lone, Lars, Tom, Theresa)

18.00-20.00: Dinner

Please see if you have registered to the seminar and dinner. If you wish to participate and are not on the list please e-mail me asap.

Participants in the seminar:

1. Pernille Bertelsen
2. Lars Botin
3. Tom Børsen
4. Jeppe Eriksen
5. Lars Bo Henriksen
6. Mette Møller Jeppesen
7. Frederik Victor Kobbelgaard
8. Lone Stub Petersen
9. Theresa Scavenius
10. Chunfang Zhou
11. Ditte Andreasen
12. Rasmus Haarløv
13. Malene Lindberg
14. Anne Marie Kanstrup
Periode31 maj 2018
PlaceringAalborg, Danmark
Grad af anerkendelseLokal