TEFI and the alternative capitals of the tourism academy

Dianne Dredge (Foredragsholder)

Aktivitet: Foredrag og mundtlige bidragForedrag og præsentationer i privat eller offentlig virksomhed


Five years is a long time in higher education where, across the world, reform has been deep, unrelenting and transformational. The academic workforce, students, institutions and even the curriculum are on the move, as are higher education policy ideas and management solutions. Within this context, the Tourism Education Futures Initiative (TEFI) is an independent international network of tourism educators, community and industry actors that care about the role that education plays in creating sustainable and ethically responsible tourism futures. TEFI is a unique organization, a liquid network, and an epistemic community of like-minded educators, community and industry actors that are passionate about creating spaces of education, co-creation and engagement that further the role of tourism in creating a better world.

This presentation will introduce TEFI and it will discuss its mission to focus on the alternative capitals of the tourism academy. Adopting an ethic of care for the other, TEFI focuses on human, social, alternative knowledges as alternative capitals to be valued in the academy (as opposed to symbolic, meritocratic and economic capital). Results of its activities, including a mapping of gender in the academy, guidelines for conferences and publications, and a biennial conference will be outlined.
Periode11 nov. 2015
PlaceringEdinburgh, Storbritannien